People often ask me about the tools I use.  So I thought I’d make a single page that lists for you the contents of my toolbox.  I’ll add to it as it grows, and probably refer to it often in my posts.  Enjoy!


  • AWeber:  I use AWeber to handle my email subscriptions, updates, and newsletter.  Easy to set up, easy to use, this is one of my indispensable power tools.
  • Bluehost:  Without a doubt, Bluehost is the best hosting service I’ve ever used (and I’ve used a few).  It’s simple to use and offers a 1-click WordPress installation for new sites.  They also have a reputation for superlative customer service, though I’ve never had to use it.  All of my websites are hosted through Bluehost.  If you’re looking to start your first website, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Bluehost.
  • Get Noticed!:  This is the theme I use for this website.  I’ve used several different themes over my blogging career.  This one is pricey, but is easily the best designed, best coded theme I’ve ever used.  It’s out-of-the-box quality and usability is well worth the initial investment.
  • WishList Member:  This is actually a membership plugin for WordPress.  I use it to make some of my best material available to subscribers to my blog.  I use several of WishList Member’s powerful features to run my full membership site,
  • WordPress: This is #1 blogging platform. I’ve been using WordPress since 2005, and it just keeps getting better. It’s highly customizable, has a great support community, and it’s completely free.

Personal Development

  • Feedly:  This free software pulls all the blogs I follow into one place.  Feedly makes reading and sharing blogs a simple pleasure.
  • Kindle:  I love books with real pages.  But with the Kindle app on my iPad, I can carry an entire library in my computer bag.  Kindle books also show up on my iPad two seconds after I buy them (for those times when Prime just isn’t fast enough).
  • Logos Bible Software:  This is easily the best Bible study software on the market.  All the books in the Logos library are interconnected, which lets me search multiple translations, commentaries, Bible dictionaries, language tools, and theologies quickly.  This is an indispensable tool in my personal development and in my teaching.



Social Media