Chronicles of Narnia: Wrapup

Congratulations!  You finished the Chronicles of Narnia course!

Thank you for reading and discussing these great stories with me.  I hope this class has helped you understand these classic books–and deepened your love for literature!

But don’t stop reading, just because you finished the class!  Choose a title from the reading lists below and continue your reading journey.

Further Reading

About Narnia

  1. Planet Narnia, Michael Ward
  2. The Narnia Code, Michael Ward

C.S. Lewis:  Fiction

  1. The Great Divorce
  2. Till We Have Faces
  3. The Screwtape Letters
  4. Out of the Silent Planet
  5. Perelandra
  6. That Hideous Strength

C.S. Lewis on Literature

  1. On Stories
  2. English Literature in the Sixteenth Century Excluding Drama
  3. The Discarded Image
  4. “Imagination and Thought in the Middle Ages” in Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature
  5. “On the Reading of Old Books” in God in the Dock
  6. “Donne and Love Poetry in the Seventeenth Century” in Selected Literary Essays
  7. “Bluspels and Flalansferes:  A Semantic Nightmare” in Selected Literary Essays
  8. “Christianity and Literature” and “The Funeral of a Great Myth” in Christian Reflections

C.S. Lewis:  Theology and Philosophy

  1. “Why I Am Not a Pacifist” in The Weight of Glory
  2. “The Necessity of Chivalry”  in Present Concerns
  3. “Transposition” in The Weight of Glory
  4. “The World’s Last Night”  in The World’s Last Night and Other Essays
  5. The Four Loves
  6. Miracles
  7. De Futilitate” in Christian Reflections
  8. “The Seeing Eye” in Christian Reflections
  9. Letters to Malcolm:  Chiefly on Prayer
  10. A Grief Observed

Next Steps

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