Love of Story: Jayber 4 – The Way of Love

Welcome back! In our fourth lesson on Jayber Crow we will discuss the content of chapters 22-26:

  1. why love will cost us everything we have and everything we are
  2. how the way of love gradually strengthens our ability to love the world
  3. why death and grief never have the final say

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

For Next Time

  1. When you finish watching the videos, take a moment to answer this question in the comments section below:  What is the most important thing these chapters taught you about love?
  2. Read chapters 27-32 of Jayber Crow.  Click here to download the reading guide for these chapters.  Remember that the reading guide should enhance your reading, not get in the way of it.  Use it in the best way you see fit.
  3. Email me any questions you have!
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