Love of Story: Jayber 5 – The Triumph of Love

Welcome back! In our fifth and final lesson on Jayber Crow we will discuss the content of chapters 27-32:

  1. how our lives are gifts and why we must live them gratefully
  2. why the world is worth loving in spite of all its pain and suffering
  3. how love ultimately triumphs over grief, suffering, and even ourselves

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Note:  Being the last part of our discussion of Jayber Crow, this video is fairly long (22 min).  There is a lot to talk about in the last two chapters!

For Next Time

That’s it for this week!  The next lesson will be posted next Thursday at noon.  Before starting that lesson, be sure you do the following things:

  1. When you finish watching the videos, take a moment to answer this question in the comments section below:  Our discussion of Jayber Crow has involved a lot of different topics and concepts.  What is the single most important thing you learned from reading and discussing Jayber Crow?
  2. Share this class with someone else. Use the share buttons below.

Further Reading

Want more of Wendell Berry?  Here are three books I’d recommend:

  1. A Place on Earth – This novel introduces several more members of the Port William community.  Though technically a novel, this book is composed of several interconnected short stories and vignettes–both hilarious and heartbreaking.
  2. Home Economics – Wendell Berry is a prolific essayist, and this volume of fourteen essays communicates several of the ideas Berry only hints at in Jayber Crow.  This book is a great introduction to Berry’s extensive body of nonfiction writing.
  3. A Timbered Choir – In addition to fiction and essays, Berry is an accomplished poet.  This book is a collection of “sabbath poems”, which Berry wrote on Sundays while wandering in the woods like Jayber Crow in the Nest Egg.
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