Beowulf: Harrowing of Heorot

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Lesson 2 on Beowulf.

In this lesson we will discuss:

  • Grendel’s reign of terror in Denmark
  • How and why Beowulf comes to the Danes’ aid
  • Beowulf’s fight against the first monster

Video #2.1

Video #2.2

Video #2.3

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Video #2.5


That’s it for this lesson!  Be sure do the following before moving on:

  1. Share your thoughts and questions about this lesson in the comment section below.
  2. Read lines 836-1650 of Beowulf. Remember to read with a pencil as you go!

Further Reading

If you’d like to study further the ideas we discussed in this lesson, read the essays and introductions in these two books:

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