Three New Things at

I haven’t been posting regularly for a few months. My teaching and coaching load last semester took up all my free time. But I just finished grading my last final!  So I’m back and ready to write!

Though I have been silent lately, I’ve been busy. There are three exciting new things on my website I want to share with you.

1. New Blog Design

First, if you’ve visited my site in the last few weeks, you probably noticed that I have drastically redesigned things. My new design makes reading posts and listening to podcasts a lot easier and more enjoyable.


My New Site Design

One feature I’m really excited about is the share bar at the top of each post. With a single click you can share a post with your favorite social network. You can also email a post to a friend or print out a hard copy.


This makes sharing good content with friends and family incredibly easy!

2. New Features

There are two other new features that allow you to share good content without distracting you from your reading.

The first feature allows you to share my images and posts simply by hovering over the picture. Social media posts that have an image have far more interaction than text-only posts. This feature increases your reach and allows you to share good content with even more people.

Image Sharing

The second feature allows you to share excerpts of my posts with your Twitter followers. Simply highlight the sentence or phrase you want to share, add your comments, then post it to Twitter or Facebook—without leaving the page.


3. New Chronicles of Narnia Class

The last new thing I want to tell you about is the Chronicles of Narnia class that I’ll be teaching in a few weeks. The class is entirely online, and I’m really excited about it.

Few books are closer to my heart than C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia. I began reading them on my seventh Christmas and immediately fell in love with Narnia. I’ve been reading and rereading them ever since. The effect they have had on my imagination, my character, and my vision of the world is incalculable.

The content I teach in this course will strengthen your mind, embolden your heart, and put iron in your blood.

Read more about the Chronicles of Narnia course by clicking here.

What’s Next?

Those are the three new things I wanted to share with you. I have some other great projects in the works. I’ll share them with you in a few weeks.

But until then, I’ll have a new podcast episode available soon that will discuss four powerful tools to help you get more out of reading. I’ll also post about the five lessons about teaching I learned from coaching a high school Ultimate team to a second state championship.

Summer is here, the birds are back, and my fingers are itching to write.

Talk to you soon.