The Goodness of the Ordinary Life Ebook

Tired of the rat-race?  Sick of straining for success?  Ever wondered whether all the stress is worth it?

Then I’ve written something just for you.

I’m excited to share with you The Goodness of the Ordinary Life.  This short ebook explains why the ordinary life is worth celebrating.  It argues that the everyday and mundane should be embraced rather than endured.


It is a call for us to realize that the ordinary is where life really happens.

About the Ebook

Written with two of my friends (Thom and Gregg), this ebook tries to communicate a vision of the good life from three different perspectives.  All three of us have the same bone-deep belief in the goodness of the ordinary life, but we write about it in three different ways.

Gregg begins with philosophy and metaphysics and ends with poetry and gratitude.  Thomas focuses his poetic eye on things often overlooked and muses on forgiveness and the passing of time.  And I wrestle through meditations on love, death, grace, and beauty.

This is not a how-to book.  It is a verbal attempt to grasp what it means to be truly human.

How to Get a Copy

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After You’ve Read It…

If you’ve already read The Goodness of the Ordinary Life, I want to say thank you.  Writing is hard work.  Writing about the good life is even harder. I’m honored that you took the time to read my work.

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Get Your Free Copy

Ready to embrace the ordinary life?  Click this link and get a free copy of The Goodness of the Ordinary Life.