The Love of Story Online Class

For years people have been asking me to offer a class that teaches grown-ups how to read and enjoy literature. To all of you who asked—I’m finally answering!

I’m very excited to announce my first online class: The Love of Story. This 10-week online class studies how stories shape our lives. Through reading and discussion, you will learn what stories are guiding your life and how to improve them. Ultimately, you will learn to live a story that is truly human.

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As we go through the class, you will also learn a method of reading that will help you get far more out of your reading than ever before. This is the method I use in my personal read and to teach my literature classes.

I’ve taught many great books and lots of great classes in the last fifteen years, but I’ve never been more excited about any class than I am about this one!

About the Class

The lessons from this class come from our reading and discussion of three great books:

  1. Haroun and the Sea of Stories, Salman Rushdie—When the famous storyteller, Rashid Khalifa (the Shah of Blah, the Ocean of Notions!), finds his subscription to the Sea of Stories cut off, his son Haroun sets out to save his father’s career. But he soon learns that far more is at stake than one man’s livelihood. This delightful, zany book has much to say about the importance of story and sets the framework for this class.
  2. Lady Windermere’s Fan, Oscar Wilde—This witty play tells the story of a woman whose ideal world begins falling apart when she suspects her husband of adultery. As the play threatens to become a tragedy, Lady Windermere learns the folly of pride, the power of sacrifice, and the importance of getting her stories right.
  3. Jayber Crow, Wendell Berry—As a young man, Jayber Crow left seminary to become the barber of Port William. The men of the community gather in his barbershop, and Jayber cuts their hair and collects their stories. As the novel progresses, numerous smaller stories merge together, like tributaries running into the river. This book is a masterpiece of beautiful writing and simple wisdom. It will help draw together all the various threads of discussion developed in this class.

Each week I’ll send you a high-quality video lesson discussing key concepts, themes, and insights from our reading for that week. I’ll also send an assignment that helps you dig deeper into your own story. Finally, you’ll get the next week’s reading assignment along with a reading guide and other aids to help you get the most out of these books.


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Questions? Ready to Sign Up?

When you finish the video lesson, you can head over the the class forum to share your insights and comments with other students in the class. This reading community will deepen your understanding of the books and lessons, making your reading experience even more enjoyable.

Best of all, each week you will get personalized instruction from me! I’ll send you periodic emails to check in with you. I’ll answer your questions, give you encouragement, and help connect you with the other students in the class.

And because the class is online, you can work through it at your own pace. If life gets busy one week, you can take a break and come back to the class the next week.

How to Sign Up

To sign up for this class, head over to the class page, where you can register and learn more about the class.

Through December 2, you can register for the class for $79, a 20% discount.  After December 2, the price goes up to $99.

The price does not include the cost of the three books, but it does give you access to all the video lessons, the reading community forum, and more than ten weeks of personal tutoring and reading advice from me.


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Ready to write yourself a better story?


Still wondering if it’s worth it? Consider these two things:

  1. Many people pay $30-50/hour for private tutoring without hesitation. The Love of Story class includes over 15 hours of instruction plus 10 weeks of personalized reading advice from me. This kind of instruction in any other venue would cost over $800!
  2. Every human has a story, and every human story is a thread of current in the great sea of stories called human history. There is great wisdom and joy in this sea of stories, but it can only be enjoyed by those who know how to access it. What would it be worth to you if you could talk for ten minutes with someone who has faced the exact pain and suffering you are and has overcome it? How much would that wisdom be worth? This $79 class will teach you how to access that wisdom. Consider it a lifetime subscription to the Sea of Stories.


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Write a better story for your life!