How to Add Google Fonts to Your Mac

Last week I was working on a new project for you all, and I needed to use a font from Google.  After a bit of research and tinkering, I figured out how to download the right Google font and install it on my Mac.

I wanted to share with you what I learned for two reasons:

  1. Beauty is important.  Beauty and excellence rarely occur apart.  This is true in life and in education.  Spending a little bit of time thinking through typography, layout, colors, etc. can dramatically improve your work.
  2. I wanted to show off my new screencast software!

So I made a quick little tutorial explaining how to install a Google font on your Mac (it’s useful even for PC users).  Here it is:

PC users would still download the font in the same way.  You’d just install the .ttf files in a different location.  Do some quick Google research to figure out where to paste the .ttf files.

Your Turn:  What other kinds of tutorials would be helpful to you?