Free Ebook: Fairy Tales and the Moral Imagination

Back in June, I had the privilege to speak at the national ACCS Conference (Association of Classical Christian Schools).

The title of my talk was “Awakening the Moral Imagination Through Fairy Tales,” and I rambled on for an hour about moral philosophy, ordo amoris, Faerie Land, imagination, double vision, modern reductionism, and Pinocchio.

I somehow managed to find a common thread that tied all that stuff together.

Central to my talk was the idea that the imagination must be reintegrated with our reason if we are to recover what we lost in the failed experiment we still refer to as the Enlightenment.

Because I think this concept is vital to cultural transformation, and because fairy tales are just so much fun, I wanted to make my talk available to all my readers.

So, I integrated the text of my talk with pictures from my accompanying slideshow and turned the whole thing into an ebook for you all. You can download it by clicking here.

If you’re interested even the slightest bit in fairy tales, imagination, love, moral education, clear vision, or becoming human, you’ll find something you like in this book.  (If you aren’t interested in any of these things, you should check your pulse–or at least your priorities.)

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Not Just for Kids

Maybe you’re one of those hard-boiled types who think that fairy tales are just for kids.  If so, consider just a few of the things fairy tales can do for you, if you give them a chance:

  • awaken wonder and love for the world and the God who made it
  • sculpt your moral responses to the world
  • rescue you from our culture’s storyline of reductive materialism
  • teach you that the world is a gift

Fairy Tales and the Moral Imagination explains not only how fairy tales do all these things, but also discusses:

  • what the moral imagination is and why it is so important
  • why Fairy Land is a very real place
  • how to read fairy tales so they transform you

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What’s Next

Get your copy of the new ebook, then let me know what you think in the comment section below. I have other lectures, ebooks, and courses available as well. Check them out on my products page.