The Bride Cometh

Editor’s Note:  This guest post is by Adam, an alumnus of Petra Academy.


Bones wrapped in sweaty skin
itch at a tie too tight
at the end of a row of men in suits.
A million wooden pews away
white feet wait in whiter shoes.

For three days and nights (it seems)
she walks and
the world stands and waits
the world waits
and waits.

A thousand helpless, smiling souls await
the light, stage-ascending;
no one breathes for joy and
can such a light remain undimmed
by the darkness all around?

Then the white unites with
steadfast patience standing there,
adding strength to holy, precious love

the One Creator
creating one
greater than the ones
that once were only

and after all
fear is gone
and after
all is joy
the wedding feast awaits.

(Adam writes:   “I became intrigued with poetry a few years ago as a craft between prose and music, able to express ideas inexpressible in other mediums.  While these poems are, in some sense, new material for this blog, my view of the world and thus my poetry have been greatly shaped by the regular contributors to this blog, especially by my teachers, Sam and Gregg.”)

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