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Confessions from a Narnia Fanatic

Since you are reading this on my blog, you probably already know who I am.  But in case this is your first visit, my name is Sam Koenen, and I’m a humanities teacher and academic dean at Petra Academy, a private classical school.

Over the course of my 15-year career, I’ve taught hundreds of great books on literature, history, and theology.  For a decade and a half I have lived with, studied, and taught the best books ever written in the history of mankind.

But few books are closer to my heart than C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia.  I began reading them on my seventh Christmas and immediately fell in love with Narnia.  I’ve been reading and rereading them ever since.  The effect they have had on my imagination, my character, and my vision of the world is incalculable.

And I want to share what I’ve learned from Narnia with you.

My new video course, CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, compiles all the many lessons I’ve learned from Narnia into ten lessons.  The content I teach in this course will open up the wonder of Narnia for you.

This course will strengthen your mind, embolden your heart, and put iron in your blood.

What Does the CHRONICLES OF NARNIA Course Cover?

This course is made up of three sections with 10 HD video lessons.


C. S. Lewis loved medieval literature and the medieval mind.  He often drew on his knowledge of this period to find inspiration for his writing.  In this section we explore how Lewis used the medieval model of the universe to create the symbolism, texture, and tone of each of the Narnia books.  After these lessons you won’t see the Chronicles of Narnia as mere children’s books, but as sophisticated works of literary art.


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Lesson 1:  Looking at the Heavens.  The Medieval Model of the universe contains seven planets.  Each planet exerts a peculiar influence on the Earth, and each planet contains a complex set of mythological meaning and symbolism—colors, influences, stories, etc.  Based on recent literary scholarship, it appears that Lewis used these sets of symbols to write the Chronicles—one planet for each book.  And even more astonishing, Lewis uses each of these planets to teach his readers a new truth about the nature and character of Christ.  In this lesson, we discuss…

  • Why a story’s overall atmosphere is its most important feature, and the vital difference between “enjoyment” of a story and “contemplation” of a story
  • What Lewis used as an imaginative template to craft the plot and atmosphere of each Narnia story

Lesson 2:  Meeting the Planets.  At the center of C.S. Lewis’s brilliant imagination was the medieval model of the universe.  Lewis once called this Model “a supreme medieval work of art…the central work.”  In this lesson, we discuss the following:

  • An overview of every key element of the Medieval Model so we can understand how it gave such strength and inspiration not only to medieval authors but even to Lewis himself
  • Why the Medieval Model can still teach us important truths about God, ourselves, and the world—even though it is astronomically incorrect.


Now we roll up our sleeves and immerse ourselves in the rare, rich air of Narnia, taking a close look at the plot, themes, and lessons of each of the Narnia novels.  We will also see how each book provides a unique portrayal of Jesus Christ and of the life of obedience.

As we dig deep into Lewis’s magical world of Narnia, we will begin to see the world as C.S. Lewis did—as a place rippling with symbol and significance.


For illustration purposes only.
This product is a digital download only, giving you instant access.

Lesson 3:  Jupiter and the Triumph of Joy (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe).  The first Narnia story tells how the White Witch’s magical tyranny over Narnia ends when four children—two Sons of Adam and two Daughters of Eve—step through a not-so-ordinary wardrobe.  This lesson discusses…

  • How Lewis wrote this novel around the medieval symbolism of Jupiter, king of the gods and bringer of jollity
  • What Aslan teaches us about the “deeper magic” of sacrifice and love
  • The importance of reading the right kind of stories, the definition of true bravery, and how sacrifice and humility will always defeat power—leading to the triumph of joy

Lesson 4:  Mars and the Strength of Loyalty (Prince Caspian).  The second Narnia tells how young Prince Caspian ousts the evil usurper King Miraz with the help of faithful Narnians—and four children who appear through magic.  This lesson discusses…

  • How Lewis used the medieval symbolism of Mars, the god of war and forests and the knight of Jupiter
  • What Aslan teaches us about using our strengths to defend the good and fight for justice
  • How loyalty and obedience bring honor to the knight and strength to the king

Lesson 5:  Sol and the Light of Wisdom (The Voyage of the Dawn Treader).  The third Narnia tale tells of the adventures of the Dawn Treaders, a company of explorers led by King Caspian as they sail past the Lost Isles to the Edge of the World.  This lesson discusses…

  • How this novel is shaped by Sol, the planet that causes men to be wise, liberal dragon-slayers
  • What Aslan teaches us about freeing captives and slaying dragons—especially the ones inside of us
  • What it means to be a follower of Christ:  to free the captive, slay dragons, feast on bread from heaven, and gaze steadfastly at the rising eastern sun

Lesson 6:  Luna and the Vision of Faith (The Silver Chair).  The fourth Narnia tale tells the story of Jill, Eustace, and Puddleglum (a marsh-wiggle) who set out to find the missing Prince Rilian and deliver him from whatever magical beast holds him captive.  This lesson discusses…

  • How Luna (the Moon) shaped this novel through her ability to cause people’s feet—and wits—to wander
  • What Aslan teaches us about conforming our wills and vision to God’s word
  • The importance of faith in spite of doubt, of obedience in the face of wickedness, and of courage when all the lights have done out
Lewis’s tales of Narnia are phenomenal, and Sam’s ability to expound upon lessons in these books, to illuminate the beauty and genius of Lewis’s work, and to draw out practical application for my own life has been truly priceless.  This class has not only awakened my moral imagination, but a longing for truth and beauty and goodness.  It has developed in me a love for right things and a desire to live better in my own world.Molly Henry
Homeschool Parent

Lesson 7:  Mercury and the Pilgrimage of Humility (The Horse and His Boy).  The fifth Narnia story tells how a young Calormene slave named Shasta escapes to Narnia with a talking Narnian horse named Bree.  They arrive to find Narnia unaware of approaching danger.  The lesson on this novel discusses…

  • How this novel is influenced by the medieval symbolism of Mercury, god of thieves, speed, and language
  • What Aslan teaches us about the beauty of the Incarnation, and the vital difference between monotheism and trinitarianism
  • How pride destroys princes and humility transforms servants into heroes and kings

Lesson 8:  Venus and the Texture of Obedience (The Magician’s Nephew).  The sixth Narnia story tells of the creation of Narnia by Aslan and how humans first visited this world—and very nearly destroyed it.  This lesson discusses…

  • How this novel is influenced by the medieval symbolism of Venus, goddess of Love, Creation, and Motherhood
  • The nature and importance of true obedience and how to overcome temptation that masquerades as goodness

Lesson 9:  Saturn and the Endurance of Hope (The Last Battle).  The seventh and final tale tells how the Narnians fall captive to a cunning deception, begin to doubt the goodness of Aslan, and make choices that either save them or damn them forever.  This lesson discusses…

  • How Saturn (god of age, decay, darkness, and death) influenced the tone and symbolism of this novel
  • What Aslan teaches us about the presence of Christ in our loneliness and despair
  • What Aslan teaches us about Heaven
  • The importance of hope and faith in the midst of trial—when there is no evidence that God is at work in the world at all


Having journeyed through the seven Chronicles of Narnia, we now bring together all our lessons and discussions.  We consider how Narnia should change the way we live after we’ve finished the last page.

Lesson 10:  Further Up and Further In.  No act of reading is complete without application.  It would be a great shame to study brilliant books (like the Chronicles) and not let them change the way we think, act, and see the world.  In this lesson, we will discuss the following:

  • How the Chronicles of Narnia should change our imagination and vision of the world
  • How to use the Chronicles of Narnia in evangelism and apologetics
  • How to use the Chronicles of Narnia in parenting and discipleship
  • How to use the Chronicles of Narnia to deepen your own Christian obedience

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